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Junk Hauling Lancaster Ohio

Quick Questions

We’ve done our best to answer our most common questions here. You can always contact us as well.

What services do you provide?

General Junk Removal
Construction Debris Removal
Hot Tub Removal
Shed Removal
Garage clean-outs
Playset removal
Appliance Removal
Basement Clean-outs
Office equipment removal
Equipment Removal
Fitness Equipment Removal
Furniture Removal
TV Removal
Fence Removal
Eviction clean-outs
Yard waste removal
Green debris removal
Donation pickup
Estate clean-outs
Bagster Pickup
Bedroom set removal
E-waste removal

How much do you charge?

Pricing varies depending on how much we haul away, amount of labor involved, material type, and anticipated disposal fees. Each job is unique, and we calculate our pricing very closely so you're always getting the best possible value from us.

Why not just call city bulk pickup, Rumpke, Waste Management, etc?

Calling your regular provider can be a great option. However, our service shines because we're happily able to enter your home or property to the collect items for you. No need to gather and set on the curb. Additionally, we can handle a much larger volume of items than your provider typically can.

Can I save money by just renting a dumpster and doing it myself?

Absolutely! We're huge DIY fans ourselves. This is a decent option if you've got the time and man-power to load such a large volume of items. Our service provides exceptional value when compared to a dumpster rental because we provide the labor to load, and the price isn't far off the final price of a dumpster rental. Additionally, when you rent a dumpster, you pay the same price whether you use all of the space or not - we only charge for the space used in our 15yd dump trailer. Perhaps the biggest advantage we can offer is our ability to be in and out quickly, for when you want items gone in a hurry.

Do you take paint and tires? What's the charge?

Yes! While these items can be difficult and costly to dispose of, we make it easy. When combined with other items, we charge $5/gallon for paint, and $15 per tire (passenger sized).

I have a LOT of stuff to be removed. Can you help?

Yes! We have the resources to handle even the biggest jobs.

How We work

We believe in leaving your property looking better than we found it. We also believe that we should reuse and recycle as much as we can.



Contact us today for your free estimate. It's helpful to include a picture of what you need help with. This helps us provide you with the most accurate estimate and scheduled service.



We will schedule your removal services. We can do a curbside pickup or full service removal.


Removal Services

Whether you chose curbside or full service, your property will be left better than we found it. We take pride in treating your property with respect and the care it deserves.

Junk Hauling Lancaster Ohio

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