Central Ohio Shed Removal

Shed your last tear over that rotting structure in your yard!

Full Service Shed Removal Services

Shed removal and disposal can be heavy, dangerous, and dirty work. Not to worry, we rely heavily on a strong construction background to help you say goodbye to your shed in a safe, efficient, and effective manner. After removing dozens of sheds, we’ve developed a streamlined process. Upon reviewing the shed’s construction and its surroundings, we develop our course of action to safely dismantle the structure. We employ a special arsenal of hand and power tools, each with its own specific purpose to surgicaly demo the structure on site. Once the shed is on the ground, we carefully load all debris into our trailer. After loading, we sweep the area of all nails and debris, using a combination of vision and a specialized magnetic nail sweeper. We’ve got the capacity to haul away the whole shed in one shot, and our average time on site is 2-3hrs. Your shed may be rotten beyond repair, inconveniently located, in the way of a new project, or just an eye-sore. No matter the reason, Stache can get that shed out of your sight quickly and safely.

Shed Removal Lancaster, OH

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Shed removal and disposal can be time consuming, dangerous, and even an overwhelming inconvenience. With Stache, this process becomes quick, safe, and convenient.